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Posted by: Creative Cardiff

Date: 13 January 2021

What Next? Cardiff was established in 2014, as a local chapter of the UK-wide movement; Last year it became What Next? Cymru, operating Wales-wide and online. 

We now have funds from ACW’s Sharing Together fund to support our marketing, communications and reach during spring 2021. 

We are seeking a freelance marketing professional for a contract of approximately 3 days to be delivered by early/mid March 2021 at a fee rate of £200 per day.

The contract has the following deliverables:

  • a short marketing review of current activity and channels, including attending a weekly meeting
  • adjustments to website, email copy, social media platforms etc following on from the review
  • research into current audiences followed by a range of targeted approaches beyond our usual networks to help us widen our reach

To apply for this role, please send a CV and an expression of interest (1 x A4) to ((12 noon 20/01/2121)