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I'm Tomos Wilding, a 32-year-old Graphic Designer from Pontypridd, currently living in Cardiff.

I completed a BA in English at Loughborough University in 2006, but ended up working in menial jobs which weren’t linked to my qualification. Or that I was remotely interested in. Or that I was even good at! I began to miss having the time and space to get creative.

After working every hour under the sun to save enough money to return to university and complete my MA in Graphic Communication in 2010, I’ve spent the years since working as a graphic designer, most recently as Lead Designer for as well as freelancing in my spare time. I moved back to Cardiff from London in May 2017.

I'm particularly passionate about print, but have a wide and varied knowledge of digital design, photography and film too.

Aside from graphic design, my loves are baking, travel, good coffee, gaming, literature and film.

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Graphic Designer