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Born in Poland, at the age of 18 I decided to study fine art in England, finished my diploma with distinction however after my father’s tragic death I decided to move back to Poland.
In Poland I worked in a cultural centre as an art instructor and sound engineer. I also participated in a one year long art project for youths from dysfunctional families and performed many other art workshops. In the meantime I tried to find ways to combine philosophy, psychology and art.
I performed single projects in care home directed at people with mental disabilities.
At that stage of my life I felt like I have to learn more in order to give more therefore after 3 years in Poland I decided to move back to UK and continue my education. Constantly challenging myself I submerged into the depths of cognitive science, trying to understand how art connects with single consciousness, different emotions, unconscious instincts and subconscious mechanisms. During my studies at Cardiff Metropolitan University I have been exploring the notion of identity and developing my statement through different mediums. In my art practise I never restrict myself to one medium. As a film and art enthusiast I decided to follow a path of freelance cinematographer.
Since then I have been looking for opportunities to participate and document interesting projects. Artistic perspective in film making is very important for me, I try to document people and events with mindful eye in a benevolent manner. I recently started to explore C# language within Unity platform, working with augmented reality, body tracking and generative art.
I think this gives you a general idea of where I come from, however there is much more to that.
Thereby after my psychological/theoretical introduction let me put it in more practical terms.

I am a painter, self taught technologist and filmmaker. During my Fine Art course I have been participating in collaborative projects, helping to document artist's work and working on own projects. On the second year of my studies one of my teachers asked me to film Stem Cell orchestra project, this voluntary opportunity directed my practise onto professional path. Not long after I produced my first commissioned documentary for EASTN, European art-science-technology network. As a film maker I focus on the unique perspective, as an artist I emphasise the creative process and try to create something and not just depict the subject, technological background helps me to understand the equipment and use its full potential. This conscious understanding gives me the space for intuitive and mindful filming, thus the work I produce constantly develops.