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I am a creatively and technically skilled professional and my freelance career spans over many years, where I have gained expertise in many areas of the media and design industry. My skills include sculpture, model making, props, painting and set dressing for feature films, both live action and animation. My work is not constrained to any scale however and I can produce anything from large scale, sculptural set work to intricate props; miniature costumes and stop-motion puppets. I have had an interest in the arts from an early age and I have progressed quickly through specialised training in 3D Design, Art and Model Making at Honours Degree level. Having studied design I have a keen eye for style, colour and composition and particularly enjoy set dressing and art direction.
I have had a passion for costume my entire life and have recently taken some short courses in Pattern Cutting and Costume Basics for Film through Creative Media Skills. I have worked on costume pieces for festivals and Circus and am very keen to expand more into this area of the industry.
I am hard working and enthusiastic and I thrive within a creative work environment. I respond effectively to deadline pressure and have often demonstrated my ability to quickly learn new skills and resolve problems which have attributed to successfully reducing critical production times. I take pride in helping others and I am intrigued to learn from the thought processes and work methods of other people. I will always love to learn and continue to draw knowledge from a wide range of subjects in order to develop my eclectic range of skills.

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Sarah Edwards