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Born in Cardiff, living in Penarth, I left Wales briefly to study Fine Art in Bristol, but the hiraeth brought me home. I am a creative practitioner, writer and all round creative spirit. I document the visual world with the camera on my iPhone, then write, draw or make in response to the images captured, experiences had and places encountered. I also make wild and whimsical jewellery with silver, found and made objects, vintage beads and semi-precious stones.

I am a skilled facilitator, teacher and coach. I support people to tap into and unlock their creative potential so they can flourish. I believe in creative practice as a mindful practice. Through the Creative Space project I have developed a toolbox of creative activities that people can do to stretch, nurture and nourish their creativity. The activities include drawing, writing, making, painting, photography, jewellery making, craft, installation, collecting, looking and exploring.

I am an equality & diversity professional, with an MSc in Equality & Diversity from Cardiff University. I have over 10 years experience of working as a lecturer in the FE sector, where I have also worked as a Manager and Coordinator and in my early career as a Support Worker. I now work freelance in the women’s sector, specialising in training, engagement & participation. I am a Trustee at ProMo Cymru. I have a passion for cities, sustainability, urban development, and sharing cities in particular. I am an Urbanista @urbanistasCDF.