Matt Callanan

Director at We Make Film Happen & We Make Good Happen

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George Clooney is to blame. Well, to thank really.

Matt's life changed after becoming inspired while filming George Clooney for a documentary about social change.

What happened next was a magical series of events that led to him setting up kindness project We Make Good Happen, and also having a knock on effect with his video production agency in Cardiff - We Make Film Happen


Matt Callanan is a former worldwide DJ and music producer turned filmmaker. He is also the founder of kindness project We Make Good Happen.


After a decade long career touring the world and producing music, Matt took his creative skills to the BBC in London where he worked with a number of youth, education and comedy brands for 5 years.

On returning to Cardiff he set up video production agency We Make Film Happen which has resulted in working with a number of brands and companies around the world producing video content, short docs and branded films. He has filmed in the slums of Africa, on top of volcanoes in Indonesia and with special forces teams in Hong Kong,

We Make Film Happen is an imaginative and forward thinking video production company based in Cardiff. With over nearly a decade of professional film production, The Makers have amassed an extensive and diverse collection of films. As well as filming a documentary with George Clooney they have mastered the area of corporate films working with clients such as Jagermeister, SunLife, WWF, Fairtrade, Cardiff University and Peroni.

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We Make Film Happen & We Make Good Happen
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