Luna Amani

Areas of expertise:


Having spent fifteen years of her life immersed in a vibrant and colourful Persian community, Luna became mesmerised by the glamour and mystery of Persian women.

This influence led her to a career in fashion design, where she became increasingly obsessed with finding a way to make this unique style available to every woman.

And now she has, creating beautiful designs, which, just like those Persian women who inspired her, are full of flare, beauty, contrast and contradiction.


LUNA AMANI - new ladies designer accessories label which seamlessly blends a classic Middle Eastern aesthetic with modern design features.

Beautiful leathers, bold prints and dramatic hues combine to form the basis of the unique style of each LUNA AMANI design.

Our “must have” handbags and tech accessories seamlessly combine style with the best in current fashion, creating timeless, statement pieces, designed to brighten a dull winters day or bring that shimmer to Summer.

Every design is sophisticated and confident, bold and unique, the perfect accessory for any woman who wants to tell the world “Iʼm individual, glamorous and fabulous!”

Company Name: 
Amani Jones Ltd