Kirsten Mark

Areas of expertise:


I am a soon to be graduate from Product Design (BA) at Cardiff Metropolitan University's, (CSAD) Cardiff School of Art and Design. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the creative community here and really forward to expanding my reach now that I have finished. I am looking to take on a Masters in September and therefore would love to become a part of Creative Cardiff to meet other like-minded creatives and people from all other disciplines.

I have been a year representative for three years running and just been awarded and recognised for my professionalism and leadership within this role, providing support for my wanting to be a part of Cardiff's creative community, sharing ideas and listening to feedback from others. Moreover, I have been certified for my networking activities in London and Cardiff and just finished my first 'Creative Connections' series at CSAD, whereby myself and Es George the careers service advisor here worked together to invite outside industry professionals in to have an informal conversation and network with current final year students. This was a success and will be continued on next year, hopefully with a longer term plan and investment put in place.

Furthermore, I am also the co-founder and organiser or two projects. The first being Cardiff Met's very own graduates conference, inviting industry in and other creatives to provide talks and connect as well as ups and coming excellent graduates and alumni back to discuss their work. Funding ha been approved, but we are very enthusiastic to meet people to discuss this further invite people in and gain feedback. In addition to this CSAD are starting up their very own entrepreneurship hub, that myself and colleagues of mine co-founded with staff and are interested in inviting creatives or those in other disciples to provide talks and workshops covering a variety of themes on entrepreneurship and the creative industry.

I have a keen interest for networking, as I love to meet people and here their stories and why they do what they do. I am really looking forward to being a part of a wider creative community and taking this role within the community, by helping with events and attending meetings.