Jennifer Pearce

Chief arts correspondent at Cymru Culture Magazine

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I write about Art in several arenas and am the Chief Arts Correspondent at Cymru Culture, an online magazine.

I believe art should be considered the birthright of all to enjoy or create as they see fit. I started artclubcardiff in the city to encourage people to visit galleries and exhibition spaces.

I am known to the children of Roath as Banana Lady as a legacy of my time with madeinroath as its creative administrator.

My degree in History of Art and Architecture took me to UEA where I also took american literature and film studies courses and was an avid member of the film society. At high school in Cardiff I was involved with dance and theatre taking both Drama and Theatre Arts and English Literature at A level.

I am a fledgling novelist and screen-playwright and work at Cardiff School of Art and Design as a fulltime HR and Finance Officer

Company Name: 
Cymru Culture Magazine
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Chief Arts Correspondent