Cydlynydd prosiect / project co-ordinator at Sgil Cymru

Areas of expertise:

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I am working hard to enter into a career within the creative industries. I have a lot of experience and have worked with very influential people within the industry, though would like to expand my networks even further to thus introduce myself to professionals and influential individuals within my area of interest.

I have worked in and would like to work further towards a great career in Art Directing. I have a small portfolio, nonetheless it has great potential to grow with the right people and experience helping me. I am interested in developing my knowledge of script writing to compliment the experience I already have and expand on the opportunity to one day be able to work hard within the pre-production area within TV and film.

I have a very keen interest in Welsh language television and Welsh culture television. I'm in the heart of the capital city, Cardiff and feel I lack the right connections to, again, expand on my passions and interests. I work closely with people who know the industry well and have entered my current job as 'Project Co-ordinator' at Sgil Cymru to get to know like-minded people as well as understanding the 'behind the scenes' process of people entering all sorts of hands-on jobs within TV companies such as BBC and ITV.

Company Name: 
Sgil Cymru
Role / Position: 
Cydlynydd Prosiect / Project Co-ordinator