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Hi, I'm Andrew Roberts, 25 years young from Cardiff, South Wales. In a couple of months I will, hopefully, be graduating from Cardiff School of Art and Design, with BA(Hons) Graphic Communication. I think it's hard to really say what I'm specifically interesting in, I feel like I have an open mind to all things old and new, but if you must know, I adore Juxtapoz Art and Culture magazine, My Spotify & old cracked Ipod, a game of golf and football, good food & drink, Travelling, tasteful films, and as a whole, oh and design is alright too.

I consider myself a 'creative', even if I technically specialise in graphic design, this because I don't want to feel I am restricted to a specific field. By this I mean, I would push a solution that was not necessarily graphic design orientated, if I believed it better fitted the creative problem.

In the two years I've spent at CSAD the way I have thought about graphic design has changed a lot. Where before, I thought it was about posters, t-shirt designs and skate decks, I now see the bigger picture. Like, how a single piece of communicated information has the power to effect society, or how design can alter people's behaviour, and how it even possesses the ability to counter global warming, and that is what inspires me about design, how we can provoke change, which is what I aspire to do one day.