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I am a proactive, quick thinking multi-tasker who can meet and overcome challenges with a focus on solutions and the quality of material produced. An individual who utilises that scientific-method/business orientated mind and expresses it through creative means. Whatever the project may encompass, I strive for a level of perfection that has brought awards, accomplishments and experiences I wouldn’t have initially considered possible in my youth. Starting out as a music producer I went on to compose an award winning score for a short film for BBC Wales. This propelled me into the world of film and television with further composing credits added to my name. I then felt it wise to experience being on set, first sticking to the sound side of things as boom operator before circumstance led me to pick up a camera and learn how to shoot/edit almost overnight. Now a sought after, self-taught videographer and photographer, I have become accustom to collaborating on a range of projects with an array of different people from diverse backgrounds. I have experience both in post-production and on set which, I feel, would all contribute in bringing a wider, overall awareness to what I will bring to the company and how it can shape and propel the brand to new heights.

While I may not have official qualifications in marketing I have always been drawn to the psychology of it. I have also promoted music, gigs and events in and around the South Wales area and beyond for some time. A particular highlight was helping to organise the first ever Welsh Beatbox Championships in 2015, which received national attention. This lifelong fascination into the insights of what motivate people, combined with my skills as a composer, promoter, videographer and photographer, make me the ideal person to collaborate with.

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