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My name is Craig Oats, I am a director, editor and camera operator and I run Digichemistry productions which is a media production company based in South Wales creating a plethora of projects from short films, documentaries, music videos, apps, flash animation, radio productions and provide educational courses across schools and colleges and providing out of school media courses across summer and half terms which are taught through Universities in South Wales which are some of the most popular and successful courses being taught in the South Wales right now.
I own and run TV studio in South Wales that has a 2000 square foot sound stage, recording studio, edit suite, changing room and editing offices. The studio is full kitted out with lights and cameras and also has a canteen area for studio staff to use. It’s working in this studio environment that allows digichemistry to share their knowledge and create courses for anyone who has an interest in the media and film making.
I am also a role model for Big Ideas Wales encouraging young people to think about starting their own business. I have done this for two years now going into schools and telling my story of how I got into film making.
I am always expanding my education courses and try to deliver as many professional courses as possible in different areas of media. As a working creative professional I work using industry standard methods of film making to teach ensures that the people who take part in the courses are learning how to create at an industry level, and using equipment and technology that is used on professional shoots.
I recently developed Virtual Heritage Wales which is a new app and installation in Caerleon Museum where users can see historical sites across Wales as they would have looked thousands of years ago using VR technology.

I have had 10 years of film education experience and pride myself on the quality of the courses I deliver. This quality has been seen and recognised by Lead Creative Schools.
My company is also partnering with Cardiff West Community High school to deliver courses and help with the schools creativity output.

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