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We are two individual artists working together
Rob Taylor sculptor (wood & glass) & Poet
Alison Richards ceramicist

We produce contemporary sculptural forms that interprets and materialises our original poetry.

the pieces are made from a combination of wood glass and ceramic and each one has a partner piece of poetry.

This gives us words painting pictures and 3D form that tells stories.

We draw our inspiration from the origins of art, the story teller the cave painter, wood carver that made the first totem and the early potters that made the the earth mother figures 30,000 years ago.

We have taken from these the main tenets of our work.

* telling stories that are relevant to today
* engaging with and initiating a conversation with the people viewing the work
* producing work that changes the place it occupies, that makes a difference to the space it occupies.
* just inviting people to share the emotion that inspired us to create the work.

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