Architect & design advisor at ALT-Architecture & Design Commission for Wales

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I am a fully-qualified architect and a Design Advisor at the Design Commission for Wales (DCFW) where I work promoting good design for the built environment and communicating its benefits throughout Wales.

Working with award-winning architecture practices in England, Wales and Scotland on a range of projects, from house extensions to university libraries and community buildings, has given me valuable experience which I am now using to establish my own business.

Teaching and tutoring a design studio at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University compliments my other work and inspires new ideas.

I am passionate about good architecture and design because I know that it:
• Adds value for developers, improves quality and enhances public good
• Promotes health and well-being and adds delight to people’s everyday lives
• Creates comfortable, sustainable buildings which use energy and resources efficiently
• Makes places which are functional, attractive, inclusive and affordable to run

I am interested in the overlap between architecture and art, and finding ways to make architecture accessible and engaging to a wider audience. At DCFW I have gained significant experience curating design exhibitions and organising conferences and symposia. I instigated and run Hatch, DCFW’s network for fresh-thinking shapers of the built environment in Wales, which promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration across disciplines including landscape architects, engineers, planners, urban designers and artists. Whilst working at the Design Research Unit Wales (DRU-w) I learned to combine the creative activities of the design studio with a sound research-based approach to architecture. I have written numerous papers and articles which have been published and presented at conferences.

If you would like to discuss a potential building project, design exhibition or collaboration please send me an email.

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ALT-Architecture & Design Commission for Wales
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Architect & Design Advisor