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Darlun JamesAllen96


I am in my second year studying BA (HONS) Media production at the university of south wales, in Cardiff. I have extensive skills and experience in film making as I have had the pleasure to be taught by industry professionals, and from this I have done some cliental based work last September through to December. This was for a company called ‘Divert’ and the brief was for a reconstruction of a one punch kill. This entire project was to go hand in hand with a rehabilitation programme to help young offenders see why committing crime can lead to their life not being able to progress due to the fact they have a criminal record. I was lucky enough to be a director for this project and be the lead writer of the script. Being the director this meant I was there for every key event to make sure the production crew was following the script, an example of this was at a casting audition we held to find actors and I was there along with the producer to oversee the crew holding the auditions. Being on set was obviously the most important part as I was there to make sure the script came to life on screen, and keeping the crew up to date in the process and where we were as a team on the final product, being the captain of the ship and making sure we kept on course and that every part of the production team was up to date and self-assured of their role for the day and for what was needed of them. I had to create everything from a story board, shot list, equipment list and a call sheet. Working with the camera crew to agree on the best shots for each scene. Doing this I have been lucky enough to work with multiple different cameras. On this production, we used Canon 1300Ds; we were lucky enough to have three at hand to make sure we had multiple angles and varied shots of each scene and each take. Using specific lenses for each angle. Once all of this had been completed I worked closely with the editor using premiere pro to edit the footage together, meaning that the story would stay true to the final screen play. The editor had a chance to ask any questions about the screen play and the story to make sure it followed what was required.

As well as this I was lucky enough to work on another project which is called “The Mountain” my group and I had to create a 3-minute short film that must be about vampires and take inspiration from a child’s fairy tale. This meant the group and I, after pitching my idea to a panel of judges and them voting and requesting to work with me, decided on the pied piper of Hamlin. Once again I took the directors role and basically took on the role as what I said above. However, this project was intense and was built from the ground up from a seed that I was lucky enough to plant and grow together with the crew. On location, we filmed in the forest at night, meaning I had great hands on experience with lighting. This included two LED panels, 2 red heads and a flood light to make sure we had enough light so that the camera could pick it up. The camera that I was lucky enough to work with and direct was a 4K Black Magic cinematographer camera, this was a great experience as it is a very advanced and technical camera to have used on location. We also had a Canon C100 on set to use for behind the scenes footage such as cast and crew interviews! Following the same direction process I took while on the team for the divert project also meant for a successful result. This project will be submitted to the Transylvania film festival and I shall be travelling to Romania in June to volunteer and watch the films submitted along with mine.

A side not, for further experience I will be making some promotional content for a bar tender and cocktail maker using the Sony SF5 which will hopefully be viewed by the media team at Bacardi the famous alcoholic beverage producer! I have also worked in front of the camera with the BBC on set of Casualty, working with the team as an extra gaining some relevant experience of camera placement, movement and sound as being in front of the camera meant I must work the opposite way to what I’m used to!

I feel that I would be best suited for this role as I have a keen desire to make it in the media industry as a director. I work very closely with the editing team and camera crew when onset of any production. So, I have some relevant experience already. The role would be perfect as it would help me gain further experience with production teams that consist of life situations and work with industry professionals and not just be taught by them. I have a keen interest in film making and storytelling, I do find it easy to come up with ideas fast and work with them to build a solid structure to work from. My passion shines through in anything I do and have done. Making anything, be it a film, a trailer or documentary content. I invest all my energy and give it my all