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‘My social distant family’, is a project that focuses on the distance we have all had to keep from loved ones while in lockdown.

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Date: 22 September 2020

 'My Social Distant Family' in lockdown

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'My Social Distant Family' after lockdown

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It has been a difficult time for everyone globally and not just in Cardiff. It was the day I saw my mum after a long time, that I realised how deeply it effects people. Not being able to hug or kiss my mother was tough, and some people will not be able to ever again. With this project, I wanted to show and express how it has been for everyone, showing the real emotion people have felt through this time in our recent history. We have all felt a lot of strong emotions in this time in lockdown, and we have all had to search within our souls at times in a spiritual kind of way, it has touched lives deeply all over Cardiff. We have had to pray, and hope things will get better. People have lost loved ones, and not even being able to say goodbye. Everyone knows someone, or has met a person deeply affected by this, and the communities have come together in support of each other like one big family of society.  

The love that has been shown towards each other is beautiful...

Love Peace and Blessings to the communities of Cardiff that have stood side by side and stood together... we are all one family of humanity. Let us pray it stays that way...

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