Live jazz and immersive visuals presented within the largest screen in Wales

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Date: 14 March 2019

Slowly Rolling Camera perform their critically acclaimed third album, Juniper, accompanied by a 360 visual score created by 4Pi Productions and performed within the largest immersive projection environment ever to come to Wales. 

Leading on from their recent multiple award-winning immersive film, Liminality, Cardiff-based creative collaborators Matt Wright and Janire Najera (4Pi) join forces once again to immersively transport audiences into the stunning album Juniper by Slowly Rolling Camera. 

Commissioned by Ffotogallery to premiere at Diffusion 2019 Cardiff International Festival of Photography, Juniper explores how sound and moving image merge within live performance. 

David Drake, Diffusion Festival Director said: 

Diffusion festival is about creating a platform for artists to collaborate, experiment and create and present work in new ways. 4Pi/Slowly Rolling Camera's new immersive work Juniper is both a world premiere and the first full-dome immersive event of this kind in Wales." 

The performance with see Slowly Rolling Camera perform their critically acclaimed third album Juniper in its entirety accompanied by an immersive visual score. Audiences will be neveloed by the expansive jazz grooves, trip-hop and rich cinematic soundscapes of Juniper whilst being transported to a breadth of barren and busy environments captured around the world. 

Dave Stapleton, from Slowly Rolling Camera said: 

As our name suggests, visuals and film have always been an important part of our make-up and influence. To have an opportunity to perform live to visuals under a 360 dome is incredible. When producing the album, Juniper, the soundscape and placement of sound was always something we thought a lot about, where it sat in the mix and across the stereo image, so to combine these ideas with the visual world is incredibly exciting for us and we can't wait to play. 

Captivating and unique in its kind, this immersive live performance will be premiered on 3 April within 4Pi Productions newly designed CULTVR Dome. This unique performance space boasts over 220 square metres of projected screen surface, fully integrated sound & lighting & audience capacities of up to 150 per show. 

Matt Wright, Artistic Director of 4Pi Productions said: 

"At  4Pi we have been innovating within the immersive creative arena for over 10 years, combinig my deep fascination for the creative possibilities of 360 medium with Janire Najera's photojournalistic capacity to deeply engage in theme. This shared Virtual Reality experience hopefully pushes past the grand spectacle offering audiences real depth and resonance with the band's work. 

Juniper builds upon the momentum and recognition we have received from our most recent triple award-winning fulldome film and live work, Liminality and provides audiences in the UK with a unique chance to explore thie emerging cultural medium. With this show, we have worked in close collaboration with Slowly Rolling Camera and their label, Edition Records to hopefully allow fans of their music and new audiences alike to experience which digs under the skin of inspiration and themes explore in their criticlly recognised third album."

To create Juniper, 4Pi has travelled to Norway, Finland, Spain, India and around Wales to capture the immersive footage. Since October 2018 a strong collaboration began with Slowly Rolling Camera to develop the visual concept for the album and represent the vision of the band within the immersive score. 

This immersive experience will be shown in the CULTVR Dome at Wales Millennium Centre from 3-5 April 2019.

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