Rhywbeth Creadigol? 2:2 - How To Encourage Thoughtful Fashion?

Rhywbeth Creadigol? is for creative workers and those interested in the creative industries. Series 2 sees us taking the conversation online and discussing creative work and culture in the digital space. 

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Date: 1 October 2020

For creative workers and those interested in the creative industries. Rhywbeth Creadigol? (Something Creative?) brings industry experts and workers together to discuss the topics that matter to them, with a focus on current creative industries research. Series 2 sees us taking the conversation online and looking at discussions relating to taking creative work and culture online. 

According to a global review into sustainable fashion in 2019, nearly 80% of people cared about environmental problems caused by the fashion industry and nearly 66% were supportive of sustainable fashion but a vast majority was unwilling to pay more for it. In the second episode of our second series we're talking all things fashion, sustainability, slow fashion and responsibility with illustrator Efa Lois who hosts a Welsh-language podcast about second hand shopping and Sylvia Davies who runs eco-friendly business, Eto Eto. In this episode we talk about pursuing a more thoughtful approach to fashion, the responsibility of fashion brands to be more transparent, upcycling and how we, as individuals, can take care of the planet and other through buying less and appreciating more. 

Efa Lois is a Cardiff-based illustrator who has created work for the likes of Tafwyl and is interested in buying second hand clothes and charity shopping as an answer to her love of fashion and commitment to the planet. In this episode she talks about the gentrification of charity shops and looking towards a less materialistic future. Efa co-hosts her own podcast called Werth Y Bydd in which she discusses with a friend and different guests the highs and lows of charity shoppinig, upcycling, fashion and the planet. Listen to the podcast here. 

Find out more about Efa's work, Take a look at her Instagram and follow her on Twitter.

Sylvia Davies has launched her own independent eco-friendly fashion brand called Eto Eto with an ethos of creating sustainable fashion items through repurposing textiles that would go to waste otherwise. Through her company Sylvia takes old and worn items like worn inner tubes of bikes, old tents and umbrellas and transforms them into bags and other accessories. She's part of The Sustainable Studio community in Cardiff. In this episode she talks about making changes to legislation in order to ensure that fashion brands take responsibility from an environmental and ethical standpoint. Take a look at the items she sells in her shop.

Find out more about Sylvia's work, take a look at her Instagram and follow her on Twitter.

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