Get A 'Proper' Job series two, episode #1 - Creatives influencing policy during COVID-19

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Date: 24 September 2020

In the first episode of series two of Get A 'Proper' Job host Kayleigh Mcleod chats to freelance dancer, choreographer, writer and Artistic Director of Kokoro Arts LtdKrystal Lowe and Project Researcher for Birmingham-based engagement and insight agency BeatfreeksFabio Thomas, about the way creatives interact with policy makers and inform the decision processes for how creative workers are supported.

Krystal Lowe, Fabio Thomas and Kayleigh Mcleod record Get A 'Proper' Job podcast online

Krystal, who is a member of the Wales Freelance Taskforce, said: “It’s so easy not to feel like you have a voice as a freelancer. It can be kind of a lonely business and having this taskforce gave us people to do it with. It put us together…it gave us access to so much and in a way it connected us to organisations even more to feel like we had a say with organisations.”

Fabio, who works with a community of young creatives said: “For all of the things that this pandemic has been, for many it’s been a route to participating. Before we would see that people didn’t necessarily know the routes to engage with government or have their voice heard or have a say. Something as unifying as this pandemic…it has meant that we’re all going to take a pause and think about how we play a role.”

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You can read the Wales Freelance Taskforce report, Rebalancing and Reimagining – strategies to support arts and performance freelancers here.

This episode was recorded remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions in August 2020. 

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