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Date: 2 February 2021

We are looking for a passionate and inspiring creative that can elevate and support our video projects. This is a fantastic opportunity for any highly-motivated filmmaker that wants to innovate, inspire, and help shape our creative outputs.

Welcome to the journey!

DAKONA is a creative video production company that dedicates our time to developing eye-catching, and innovative video content for progressive clients wanting to elevate their video content marketing.

With a huge amount of growth, we're looking to bring on board a full-time creative who is incredibly passionate about developing cinematic, engaging, and ultimately entertaining content for our clients. We're looking for an individual that has a good wealth of experience working on video projects, and has a great knowledge of cinematography.

We work with a lot of different industries, each of which have their own specific requirements; whether it be online videos, advertisements, or animation. Although we have identified areas that we are significantly strong with, we hope that the ideal candidate would significantly strengthen and support other elements of our video business through a pro-active attitude, depth of knowledge, and creative thinking.

To give you a better understand of what you'll be involved with, you'll be responsible for everything within the creative process. This could start from strategy and pre production, all the way up to editing and delivery.

Our team will work together on every project to promote an inclusive and collaborative process, however you will provide a significant contribution within the creative process to ensure that not only are the clients specifications are met, but also exceed expectations. This includes things like concept development, storyboarding, lighting plans, filming, editing, and colour grading.

Although the primary focus of you role will be to offer an exceptional service to our clients, it will also include creating internal marketing collateral, such as informative videos, behind the scenes, photographic imagery, and other things that would be a great contribution to the development of the company brand. You'll have complete autonomy to conceptualise and develop content that engages with our customers.

Our website is the best place to visit to understand more about the company, and the values that we stand for. The most important aspect is that we embody the spirit of cinema, and want to translate that euphoric feeling into every project that we take on. As we're a small company, we have significant growth opportunities and want our ideal candidate to grow with us.

Think you can make a difference? Applications should be in before the 28th of February, and we'll begin shortlisting candidates from the 1st of March with interviews soon after that.

What you'll be up to

  • Improving the overall design/creative output and quality of our work by supporting the ideation process for key projects.
  • Taking time to understand the complexities and intricacies of client's and their needs to understand how we can add value and inspire. 

  • Confidently sharing creative ideas by effective and compelling storytelling to maximise impact. 

  • Inspiring and encouraging creativity from all within the agency 

  • Contributing to the development of innovative and original concepts for each project, including the creation of treatments, storyboards, lighting plans, and various other pre production elements.
  • Filming in different environments across South Wales and the UK.

  • Having significant input over the cinematography of each project.
  • Undertaking post production for each project, including editing, colour grading and delivery to the highest standard and brand guidelines, and deliver exports tailored to the specific channels.
  • As we're a small but growing company, there's the possibility of an overlap in terms of your role responsibilities. Our ideal candidate would embody our values as a company, and want to grow with us.

What we need

  • An innovator with an impressive conceptual outlook and the focus to see projects through from concept to delivery.

  • Experience of working within the film industry, or creative agency.

  • Evidence of strong visual skills and creative thinking.
  • Creative and technical knowledge of cinematography.
  • A natural, impactful storyteller.

  • A real passion for innovation, desire to continuously learn about and share emerging trends.  

  • An understanding of video workflow, file types and codecs, pre production and post  production.
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and related applications in the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Strong knowledge of DaVinci Resolve.
  • Able to work on multiple tasks and deliver to tight deadlines.
  • Happy to network around the business and find ways to support other areas with video.

Preferable, but not essential

  • A degree in film production.
  • Understanding of video content marketing.
  • Basic understanding of Monday would be massively beneficial.


  • We don't believe in complacency. We're creatives, and risk takers.
  • We believe that the company should feel like home from home. That means no strict dress code, taking time out when you get a creative block, and having the freedom to explore different ideas.
  • Flexible working hours. We get that life doesn't stop when you're in work, and want to make sure that we're fully supportive of our employees lifestyles. As our productions don't always conform to "9-5", we expect the same support in return.
  • Mental health days.
  • Work from home days.
  • We're dog lovers, and nothing's better that having a pooch in the office.
  • We have a love of cinema, and constantly challenge opinions to promote creativity.
  • Significant growth opportunities. We want to support our staff in achieving their personal and professional goals.
  • We believe in supporting young creatives through work experience, and other career pathways.