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Fio is the next stage of what started some 10 years ago in a community hall in East London. Working with BAME and disadvantaged young people to nurture, develop and hone skills, Youth of Creative Arts found innovative ways to teach values, respect and confidence through performance.

Through Fio, we intend to celebrate all that YOCA has achieved, drawing on a wealth of talent that has been nurtured over almost a decade. Everything grows older, and with our extended family of facilitators, participants and performers now facing new life challenges, it’s only right that we grow and face those challenges head on with them.

Fio creates work with people of all ages, religions and backgrounds, using performance techniques to help them tell stories that are as momentous and unique as they are themselves.

Our Mission:

Everyone has a story to tell, and each individual is as important as the next. Together, Fio makes work that celebrates individuality, tearing down stereotypes and offering everybody – whatever their story – a chance to make their mark in the world.

Our Values:

Everyone should feel like they belong to their community, society and to the wider world. Their story matters and the arts should be a place to help them better understand their story.

Everyone should feel like creativity is as much for them as it is for those with resources, time and tradition of engaging with the arts. Fio will give people the skills to enable them to not only engage but also to feel like they can create as well.

Growth is important. Fio will enable people to grow within the arts and engage with the sector on their own terms. The structures within which the arts exist, need to change, in order to enable this Fio will give people the skills to make that change.

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Artistic Director