Rhywbeth Creadigol? episode 1:3 - Is Cardiff a Music City?

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Date: 9 April 2020

For creative workers and those interested in the creative industries. Rhywbeth Creadigol? (Something Creative?) brings industry experts and workers together to discuss the topics that matter to them, with a focus on current creative industries research. 

In episode two of 'Rhywbeth Creadigol?' (Something Creative?), we talk to DJ Bethan Elfyn and Katie Hall, lead singer of the band CHROMA, about the meaning of a music city and their opinions about Cardiff's music scene. 

DJ Bethan Elfyn presents a show on BBC Radio Wales, runs the Horizons project that works to support emerging artists from Wales as well as working as a presenter, an events planner and a public speaker and DJ. She's also a member of the newly-established Cardiff Music Board. 

Katie Hall is lead singer of the alt-rock trio from Merthyr, CHROMA. They've performed at many festivals across the UK including Leeds, Reading and closer to home at Greenman, the Eisteddfod and Tafwyl. 

Katie talked about the sense of community that exists within Cardiff's music scene. She said: "Cardiff's like the biggest village in the world. Everyone knows each other. That's certainly quite a strong feeling. But, I'm very aware that there's a divide between that community and the big businesses that want to make a profit from the city..." 

Bethan said: "I really like seeing the work that goes into every aspect of the Welsh music scene: Merched yn neud miwsig (Girls making music project), the variety of bands and genres, the entertaining artists. The scene has come so far, it's sophisticated and the artists are a tight-knit group. They feel like families, like the Libertino family, the Bubblewrap family, the Twrw family. People are really supportive of each other and that creates a positive and creative atmosphere."

You can listen to CHROMA's latest track, tair ferch ddoeth (three wise girls), here. 

This episode was recorded in January 2020. 

Listen to the full episode here: 


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