New Ymlaen! creatives settle into Rabble Studio

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Date: 5 July 2018

Creative Cardiff and Rabble Studio are delighted to welcome two new Ymlaen! placements to explore and develop their creative business ideas. 

The pilot scheme, which launched in November 2017, is for graduates of Cardiff University to develop their creative practice in Rabble’s eclectic, complementary community of friendly and creative people. 

The funded desk space and mentoring programme is supported by Creative Cardiff and Cardiff University’s Enterprise and Start-Up team. 

Sadia Hameed and Beau Beakhouse formed the Lumin Journal in 2017, while still at Cardiff University and have produced a first issue, three Cardiff poets' chapbooks and had a five-month residency at Three Doors Up called Lumin Library. 

They will be focusing on the second issue of the Lumin Journal and developing Lumin Arts events and collaborations during their time in Rabble Studio. 

Sadia and Beau said: "We're really looking forward to developing Lumin with the support of the Ymlaen! scheme.

"We're looking to make the arts scene in Cardiff more open through working with, exhibiting and publishing artists, putting on alternative events and generally supporting the experimental and those marginalised by normative standards of 'art'.

"The mentoring and facilities at Rabble Studio are really going to help Lumin grow from a small press in our attic studio to an established and integral part of the city's scene."

Holly Chesterton is an English Literature graduate and her business plan is to create a charity led, education system for children in the UK who are in recovery for long-term illnesses.

Holly said: "The Ymlaen! placement is an opportunity to grow and nurture my charity with support and guidance from Creative Cardiff and Rabble Studio, who are the most compassionate and driven team of people I could have asked to work with. They have given me the chance to build upon a dream I have had since I was 16, and to begin The Chesterton Trust, a charity dedicated to providing an education hand-crafted for children in long-term recovery.

"I am also thrilled to receive advise from The Enterprise and Start-Up team at Cardiff University, whose guidance will allow me to grow my dream even more than expected."

Dan Spain, founder of Rabble Studio, is looking forward to working with the new placements on their different creative business goals. 

He said: "When Rabble Studio opened, exploring the possibility of bridging the gap between University and working life in the creative industry was a no-brainer. If we could offer a safe space for graduates to develop their creative ideas or businesses, and surround them with an eclectic mix of professional freelancers who all run successful businesses and could also offer their support, advice, guidance and friendship; we’d be helping to fill that post-uni void, giving graduates a real opportunity to succeed.

"The first six months of the programme have 100% exceeded our expectations. It has been a learning curve for both us and Jannat, and we couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I'm super excited to be exploring differnet routes with Sadia, Beau and Holly - the fact we can help another group to develop their businesses is really amazing. Huge thank you to everyone who has been involved so far. Ymlaen!" 

Director of Creative Economy at Cardiff University, Sara Pepper, said: "The creative economy in a city is only as good as its new entrants and with this programme, we endeavor to help graduates to take the first steps in their careers with confidence. 

"This collaboration between Creative Cardiff and Rabble Studio will create an environment where new creative businesses are developed and encouraged in the best way possible."

The first Ymlaen! placement was Jannat Ahmed, of Lucent Dreaming, who used her six months in the space to create and launch the first issue of her creative writing magazine. You can read more about Jannat's journey in her blogs.