Get A 'Proper' Job episode #5 - Musicians and Community

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Date: 9 April 2020

For creative workers who care about the issues that matter, Get A ‘Proper’ Job is a podcast that discusses, debates and showcases the highs and lows of working in a creative job or organisation. We’re bringing together industry experts to share new knowledge.

In episode five of Get A 'Proper' Job, Dr Sam Murray, Lecturer in Music Business and Arts Management at Middlesex University London, shares his thoughts on what makes a Music City.

We then chat to Cardiff's very own DJ Monique B, a DJ , singer songwriter and member of female five piece Baby Queens, about what music in the city means to her. 

Monique said: "I was born and bred in Cardiff, I love it here. I have tried to live in other cities like London but I just feel that down here it is very supportive, with the people I have around me. It could grow a lot more but what I have with the band and stuff, I feel like it suits me as an artist. It is a really nice place to live - I do feel like the city influences artists."

You can listen to Monique's first solo single, Put It On You featuring Reuel Elijah, here.

This episode was recorded in December 2019. 

Listen to the full episode:

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