Get A ‘Proper’ Job episode #1 – The Rise of the Influencer

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Date: 21 January 2020

For creative workers who care about the issues that matter, Get A ‘Proper’ Job is a podcast that discusses, debates and showcases the highs and lows of working in a creative job or organisation.

We’re bringing together industry experts to share new knowledge.

In episode one of Get A ‘Proper’ Job, we hear the latest research on creative labour rights for digital content makers from lecturer in digital media studies Dr Francesca Sobande of the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Culture.

Influencers Mark Tregilgis and Jess Davies then respond to this research laid out by Francesca.

Jess is a Welsh lifestyle blogger and vlogger who has worked with BBC Wales, S4C and Orchard. Jabber with Jess is her curated corner of the internet - a safe space for sharing thoughts, opinions and views.

Mark is a personal trainer and founder of 30 Plus Men’s Fitness. His bootcamps are located all over the UK but he also has an online community of members around the world. He has built his brand using social media, podcasts and video content.

Mark says that 'going online changed his life'. He said: “It opened up a whole new world for me – it doubled my income, allowed me to travel, to go on courses all over the world and it has gone on to help me provide my family with a lovely life.” 

Jess said: “The business benefits is that when you’re creating content online people will pay you to post and if you’re being authentic and you’ve got an organic following that will really benefit you and more brands will want to work with you.”

Listen to the full episode:

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