About Creative Cardiff

Creative Cardiff is a network which connects people working in any creative organisation, business or job in the Cardiff region. By encouraging people to work together we believe that we can make Cardiff the most creative place it can be.




Creative Cardiff from Creative Cardiff on Vimeo.

During our first year we offered a programme of 52 Things made with and for the city’s creative community. That’s one thing each week to inspire, inform and engage those working in Cardiff’s creative economy. 

Our network aims to bring together people from across the full breadth of the city’s creative economy – from dancers and marketing professionals to architects and app developers. By collaborating and sharing ideas we want to encourage more innovation and creativity in our city.

Cardiff has the cultural assets of a capital city, a growing population and a growing reputation. Working together we can raise the city’s ambition and profile to make it a capital of creativity.

Join our network to discover new ideas, build your audience, promote your work, find new opportunities and work with new people.

Creative Cardiff is supported by Cardiff University’s Creative Economy team in partnership with founder members.