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A maker, photographer, theatre professional and co runner of SingleMaltTeapot living and creating in the South Wales countryside. With each aspect of my work I seek to bring authenticity and heart, trying to deliver creative solutions that approach things in a subtle and genuine manner that is always friendly and approachable. I also have a driving belief that success is not a singularity and that we are all better off while looking to lift others around us and to be connected to that.

SingleMaltTeapot was created to be a home for my own creative work, a place to tell our story and a place to highlight that of other makers and creators. It is a story and celebration of building a life and world that you love, providing stepping stones to that and a growing platform to show case the work of others; currently in the form of regular features on fantastic makers with an eye to creative events within Cardiff and further afield.

As a photographer my process revolves around knowing and understanding each event or client to be as gentle a presence as possible, capturing the feelings and emotions as naturally as possible; with the aim of the lens not becoming a punctuation mark in the events and allowing those attending to feel at ease throughout. There is always a wonderful element of story telling in taking photos and is something I apply throughout. Whether attending a talk, shooting exhibitions, portraits or styling for food and product my images are always seeking that narrative in it's most natural way. My approach is friendly and collaborative, always happy to talk about what we want to achieve through your images and to maintain a fair and flexible approach in delivering them.

Woodcraft and carving began as a purely creative pursuit, something I found calming and extremely meditative. The whole process allowed a calm dedication to creating one object from wood that would often be otherwise marked for scrap or the fire wood pile. From these I carve spoons, knives and other items for the home that allow the story of something that has grown over lifetimes to continue. I now am extremely lucky to be able to teach these skills to others too, cover day and half day workshops introducing people to the process and skills involved in carving at home.

My theatre experience covers various areas and has been a main stay of my career over the past decade. Though currently I specialise mostly within performer flying I have a good working knowledge in prop fabrication, scenic arts, automation and general carpentry and jointing while also being used to learning multiple roles in the day to day running of large scale shows. It is another area that is wonderful for collaborating together to create a much greater whole always more than the sum of it's parts and permanently inspiring.

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