Rory Buckland

Areas of expertise:


I am a visual artist with a breadth of experience spanning over 20 years working in both the commercial and ‘public’ sector.

Commercial Prop and Sculpture Work
I have produced props and sculpture for major UK attractions with companies such as; Merlin Entertainments (Madame Tussauds, Lego Land, Alton Towers etc.), Perry Scenic (Stage concepts for Madonna, Katy Perry, etc.) and UK Loco (Blackpool Dungeon, Living Coasts etc.). Using carpentry, metalworking, model making, mould making and sculpting in a wide range of materials.

Commercial Photography
I have previously set up and managed a studio to document fine art for print reproduction. As well as having provided marketing material for house builders, the hair and beauty industry and book publishers, amongst others. Using a range of equipment including film and digital ; large, medium and small format photography platforms.

Moving Image
I produce mixed media screen based documentary / biography pieces for artists and arts organisations.

I teach the theory, practice and philosophy of photographic image making in higher education and community settings.

I have recently begun learning Sketchup to produce floor plans and 3D visualisations. I am proficient in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to an intermediate / advanced level.

Art Direction
I have devised, collaborated on and implemented art direction for photography as well as props and themeing contracts. Ensuring implementation and visual cohesion of designers concepts across disciplines.

Art Practice
I maintain a personal art photography practice, exhibiting, carrying out residencies and research as well as selling my work.

In addition there is all the juggling of stuff that goes along with being a self employed person such as; web site building, marketing and networking, keeping accounts, skills development, etc.

Role / Position: 
Visual Artist