Natasha Applasamy

Areas of expertise:

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Professional Profile:
I have worked for different sectors and organisations of varying sizes, in diverse service areas: banking, public services, social housing, mental health and well-being, community and partnership, third sector support. Cardiff is a vibrant city, full of inspiring individuals, groups and third sector organisations working hard and passionately to benefit their community, in spite of any challenges they may face. I aim to support that journey and connect those who share a similar vision and values.
Area of work: Strategy | Governance | Community Development | Funding |Partnership |Training

Personal interest:
- public events and talks on diverse topics: culture, science, politics, history, socio-economics
- independent art/ists – words/art/music - especially in the Welsh Valleys and South Wales
- dysgu Cymraeg, classical guitar player, archer, cyclist, swimmer and mindfulness practitioner