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Hi I'm Holly Milston

I have worked in design and marketing for the last 7 years but wanted to take a new direction and create long term value Worldwide. I'm a startup helping to guide and nurture young Entrepreneurs/startups in life and in business, with my marketing and design skills, industry experience, personal growth and business strategies that I've been fed from my parents from an early age. I'm fascinated why some businesses fail and some soar. My audience is Worldwide and I use social media channels to connect. This venture is very new but it's my goal to build an online business and to create a comfy, welcoming 'playground' like environment in the city of Cardiff where I can consult face-to-face.

My mission is to guide startups in realising it's possible to create a happy life that is fulfilling and rewarding. Encouraging growth, developing ideas and taking action to make a positive difference.

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Holly Milston
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