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I’ve loved sewing since I was a young kid (a ‘dwt’ if you’re in Wales!).

After learning to sew from my grandmother and a very old book found at a jumble sale, I would make dolls clothing and pencil cases. As a teen, I learned the art of cross-stitch and appliqué, and would use those skills to modify my clothes.

After continuing to cross-stitch throughout my life, I started to branch out into home decor items, ranging from classical to geeky, to downright rude, all with my own quirky twist, and I’m always hunting for new ideas.
All my items, especially embroidery, are sewn almost entirely by hand, meaning each item is unique in it’s own right.

Aries Textile Arts started out with me sewing for friends and family under the name “JellyBean Memories” (after my daughter, a.k.a Jellybean), before taking a brief hiatus to concentrate on a daytime career and family.
Following a huge lifestyle change, I began sewing again, expanding my knowledge and making brand new stuff I’d never made, and the call for my items was bigger than before. I opened up an Etsy store and began selling there, until such a time as I felt my products would sell better elsewhere.
Now ATA isn’t just about sewing, it incorporates hampers and artwork, so you’re bound to find something you like for someone you love!

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Aries Textile Arts
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