Do you have a specific project you want to develop? Want to learn more about different funding sources? Need help on how to write proposals or funding application forms? If so this is the course for you!

For who?

This workshop is for anyone working in the creative industries whether you're a producer, musician, artist, actor, writer etc. who is interested in developing their projects. You will learn about different sources of funding, ways of finding funding towards a project and learn elementary skills required for writing proposals. No prior knowledge required. It will be useful if you can come along with a project in mind but this isn't essential.

By the end of this workshop you should be able to:

  • research a range of funders to help you assess which, if any, are the best fit for you
  • write a suitable introductory paragraph (or more) that frames your proposal
  • identify how funders and assessors operate and the key processes commonly used by Lottery, Arts Organisations, Trusts and Foundations
  • analyse the diversity of your income streams and identify the potential for additional funding from a range of sources and types(eg earned income, crowdfunding, sponsorship)
  • identify language, writing style and jargon that may be suitable for you

Tutor - Laura Drane

Laura is an experienced bidwriter and fundraiser having brought in sums from a few hundred pounds to a few hundred thousand pounds for arts and cultural events and programmes over the last twenty years.

Her background and work still rests in creative producing of festivals, events and tours, and so this session is rooted in her learned experience of having to raise funds.

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