With over 350 hours of in-house output a year, BBC Studios is making some of the most original, diverse and highly acclaimed television.  These range from continuing drama such as Doctors, Casualty, Holby City and EastEnders to series and serials such as Silent Witness, Luther and Three Girls, to name just a few!

Role Responsibility


what will be expected of you

  • To run the storylining heart of the show.  To organise and manage story conferences, write the storylines and create new regular characters.
  • To run commissioning meetings – guiding and inspiring the writer to create the most dynamic episodes in a collaborative forum.
  • To ensure that the creative aspirations of the show are being realised in individual episodes.  This includes approving all guest stories submitted by writers and ensuring that there is no repetition between weeks, and that the ambition to tell contemporary, topical stories is being realised.
  • To work with the Script producer in ensuring the serial storylines are realised to their full potential from commissioning to shooting script.  (The Story Producer is responsible for creating and communicating the storylines, the Script Producer is responsible for ensuring they are written).
  • Through reading selected drafts to keep an overall eye on the episode; ensuring the editorial vision is maintained, storylines are realised and character continuity maintained.
  • To liaise with Holby City about storylines and to encourage greater crossover and cooperation between the two shows.
  • To brief actors on their storylines and characters.  To be the focal contact for actors regarding the former.
  •  To have final say on any serial changes requested during filming or picture edit. 
  • To foster creativity within the editorial department by encouraging personal development including asking for story submissions and training up future storyliners.
  • To attend the weekly Assembly meetings, read-throughs and other meetings as required with Producers, HODs and editorial departments, acting on any concerns raised in the meeting.
  • To support the Series Medical Advisor in their role of managing the show’s team of medical advisors.
  • In conjunction with the Script Producer, to oversee the recruitment of Script Editors and all Script and story Department staff.
  • In conjunction with the Script Producer to line manage existing script and story department staff.
  • To develop and manage the writing team, including managing and maintaining a core writing group on the programme as well as finding and nurturing new talent. 
  • In conjunction with the script producer to run the Shadow/Trial schemes for writers new to the show.
  • Where necessary, to deal with writers and agents in the event of problems with a writer. Eg: in relation to an episode rebrief, or if a writer needs to be replaced. To ensure that proper feedback is given to writers and their agents when a writer has been replaced.
  • To be aware of the full extent of the financial and purchasing authority of the post, and to ensure that this authority is exercised in accordance with BBC financial arrangements.

Are you the right candidate?

  • To be successful in this role you will need to demonstrate the following;
  • A knowledge and passion for Casualty.
  • Significant television drama experience including both script editing and storylining roles.
  • An understanding of copyright law, Writers Guild agreements, contracts and the legal implications of the production process.
  • An awareness of the financial consequences of editorial decisions.
  • Thorough knowledge of established writing talent, script sources and the availability and potential of emerging talent.
  • A proven awareness, enthusiasm and interest in popular television drama.
  • The ability to inspire and lead a creative team.
  • The ability to run storylining sessions and commissioning meetings in a supportive and inspiring way.
  • The ability to generate imaginative story ideas.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills sufficient to establish and maintain good working relations with a wide range of contacts.
  • An ability to manage people and performance and deal with difficult situations.
  • The ability to display tact and sensitivity when dealing with writers and key editorial figures.
  • Strong organisational and multi-tasking skills, and confident time-management ability.
  • Resilience and stamina to sustain performance when under pressure from tight schedules.
  • The ability to keep abreast of professional, technological and working practice changes.

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