BBC Radio Drama Wales produces a wide range of audio drama for Radio 2, 3, 4, Radio Wales and BBC Sounds. Output includes the multi-award winning podcast series Tracks and the long-running returning series Curious Under the Stars.

Role Responsibility

We’re looking for someone who has a passion for telling stories with sound and an eagerness to develop their skills. Reporting to the Editor of Radio Drama Wales, we want you to work with the team and with freelance producers to develop ground-breaking programme ideas; to assist in the production of audio drama content; to uncover and engage new talent; and to explore new technological and online audio possibilities. But we also want to give you the skills to produce and direct output, so you can help us shape the future sound of audio drama.

Are you the right candidate?

With BBC in house audio drama production facing more competition than ever before we need to be leading the industry. We need a new team member who is brimming with innovative ideas; who knows what it takes to develop strong ideas and drive them through to commission; and who has an instinct for what makes great audio drama, whether that’s on Radio 4 (our main customer), other BBC networks, or across the world of podcasting.

You should be a passionate storyteller, eager to explore the human condition through drama. Your dramatic knowledge may have grown from a love of film, TV, podcasts, radio or theatre. But you should know what makes a good script, where to find great writers, and how to work with them to help them produce their best work.

Similarly you should be able to recognise what makes a great actor and what the specific challenges are in radio.

We’d like to find somebody with an understanding of why audio is a unique medium for telling stories; somebody who believes the ‘pictures are better on the radio’; and somebody with a passion for ear-bending sound design.

It’s an exciting time in the world of audio drama. Podcasting and new technologies offer the promise of a golden age for the medium. We want somebody to come and help us to embrace those opportunities; to break new ground and progress the form. And we’re just as interested in passion, potential and transferable skills as specific audio drama experience - the most important thing is that you’re inspired by the possibilities of audio drama in the 21st Century.

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