Draws for Thought is a new online publication which features British cartoonists at their very best, showcasing social issues and political movements through the power of comics and illustration.

"D4T" strives to break beyond the boundaries of the established modes of satire and to contribute to the national conversation in a meaningful manner. 

At Draws for Thought, or D4T, we aim to unwrap British political and social issues through the medium of graphical reporting. The platform provides a space for young artists to illustrate stories that affect their communities. We hope to fund contributors' wages through sponsored stories, drawn by our best artists. The brands who commission the stories are also able to use the content on their own social platforms.

Our eventual hope for the project is to become monetarily solvent and fairly renumerate all contributors. However this is merely a goal and currently the project is in soft launch mode, collecting new contributors who are passionate and have a story to tell. 

You can see the current website at DrawsForThought.co.uk (or .com or .uk)

If you are a young cartoonist or reporter, or currently neither but want to be, get in touch- tell me your story and we shall work out how to make it happen in comic form. We'll draw out your thoughts, if you will, through the medium of pitches. 

We'll also be looking for freelance web dev, accounts manager and libel lawyer as time goes on, so if you have any connections in that area they may come in useful.