Juanma Garcia

Graphic designer at Juanma Garcia Studio

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Darlun Juanma Garcia


Hello, It’s Juanma Garcia, a Graphic Designer based in Cardiff, Wales. I produce identities, packaging, publications, printed material, and websites for a wide range of clients in the public, private and cultural sectors.

I create unique brands, clean communication campaigns, simple illustrations and other original stuff by working closely with my clients, building strong relationships and taking care of every aspect of the design process. I’m constantly evolving and adapting because I like to explore new ideas and concepts.

I do it all with passion and detail because I love what I do and I really believe in the power of visuals for changing things and achieving communication goals. Images are how we communicate. Simple, direct and comprehensive images form my visual language. It’s a language that speaks clearly through different media, be it print, digital or even the handcrafted.

Company Name: 
Juanma Garcia Studio
Role / Position: 
Graphic Designer