When Creative Cardiff was setup we had lots of discussions about membership; how people may use their profiles and how other users may browse through member profiles. As the project has developed it is clear that opportunities and members have become the centrepieces of the site.

Lots of members are adding opportunities such as jobs or projects and lots of visitors are looking through member profiles to find people they may contact and potentially work with.

With this in mind we have made some small changes and improvements to the signup process, for example, fields are more accurately described in terms of what is displayed on your profile and you can now change your username.                         

Here are some tips about how to create or edit your profile on Creative Cardiff.


Creating a profile on Creative Cardiff is fairly straightforward. There's no nasty tricks to sign you up to unwanted newsletters or pass your data on to third parties, just a few fields to fill in and a link to follow from the confirmation email you'll receive afterwards.


When you register for Creative Cardiff the first thing you will have to think about is your username. Remember this is something others will see so keep it simple, you can just use your real name. And of course if you are registering as an organisation you could use your company name.

Email address 

The biggest thing here is that this is has to be an email that you have access to in order to confirm your account. 

Individual or organisation 

As well as creating a network of creative profiles across the city, we are also really interested in better understanding the creative economy of Cardiff. So if you are part of an organisation that is in the creative industries then why not list them too?

Freelancer or student

We know that not everyone works for someone or has even started on their career yet so let us know if you are a freelancer or student by ticking this box. Again, this information helps us to better understand the make up of creatives in the city. 


This is maybe the hardest bit. Make sure it really sums up your practice and what you work on. Make it as snappy as possible as this is the first thing people will be looking at when they see your profile so if you have any awards or certifications shout about them here. 

Company name

If you want to be an individual then that's fine, but if you want to let us know who you work for that’s great too as it will allow us to understand the landscape a bit more.


Once again if you have a particular role in the company then let us know. 

Sectors which sum you up

We really want to understand ‘who’ the members of Creative Cardiff are. So pick up to six areas that you feel sum up your practice and expertise - this will be invaluable in helping us map Cardiff’s creative economy and will also help those searching our member directory to filter by area of expertise.

Address and postcode

We are not going to share or display this information with anyone but as you know we like to map so with your postcode we can use this data to really start to understand where the creatives are in Cardiff and the surrounding region.  

Telephone number 

This is not mandatory but if you want to share a contact telephone number then pop it in here.

Social platforms

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any/all of these platforms but if you do it’s great to share so people can get a wider sense of who you are. Just pop a link in for each you have an account for that you feel will be beneficial your profile.

Website links

Equally if you have any websites that you would like to share then add these here.

Conduct tick

Make sure you agree to our code of conduct.


If you want to subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter then leave this ticked. We will use this to let you know about future events, online resources, latest job opportunities and news from the creative industries.

Public tick

And equally if you are happy to be a member but don’t want the profile to be public tick this. Remember if you do this people will not be able to see you profile at all.

Robot tick

Tick I am not a robot to confirm that you are human being.

And your profile is complete! We look forward to welcoming you to the Creative Cardiff network.